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Olander Outlet DownloadAfter 55 years in business, we have some odds and ends in our inventory from projects that have ended, requirements that changed, and just the nature of working with high volume products.

We are now making available our overstocked items at closeout prices.

Download our carefully sorted Excel spreadsheet of closeout inventory. Contact us today for a quote or more information.

How to Best Utilize this Document

Step 1. Download

Download the document. You will need to have Excel on your computer. If you do not have Excel available to you, please contact us and we will email you a copy of the Closeout Items.

Olander Outlet Download

Step 2. Go to the Table of Contents

When you open the document, there are two tabs. Select Table of Contents if not already active.

Table of Contents Tab

Step 3. Find the Product Category

Browse through the Product Categories and select the category that interests you. This will take you automatically to the beginning of the corresponding Product Category section in the OLA tab.

Product Categories

Step 4. Find your Selected Product

Look through the Items listed under your selected Product Category. You will see the Olander Item number, a brief Description, and the Quantity on Hand (QOH).


Step 5. Click on the Link

When you find a product you would like quoted, click on the link to the right. It will take you directly to the item on our website.

Click on the Link

Step 6. Request a Quote

Fill in the quantity and click on the Add Quantities to RFQ button. Select other items as needed, and submit your RFQ for quote.

Request a Quote

If you run into any trouble, don't hesitate to contact us. Make sure you let your Inside Sales Representative know you found the products in our Olander Outlet.

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Olander Line Card


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